The pharmaceutical industry and its science-driven basis is highly complex. The challenges of innovative science, different regulatory systems, expiring patents, economies of scale, and educating health care professionals all intersect here.

VuPEC helps you navigate this complexity, whether you are an innovative pharmaceutical company, a manufaturer of generic and biosimilar drugs, a government agency, or a health care institution. We can help you achieve your goals, drawing on Prof. Arnold G. Vulto's extensive knowledge and experience with all sides of this market.

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Keynote speaker at a scientific conference

Scientific and Educational Conferences

If you are organizing a conference or symposium and are looking for an emphatic and charismatic speaker or chairperson, Prof. Arnold G. Vulto may be just the right fit for you. Prof. Vulto has spoken at over 40 conferences, on topics ranging from medication safety to health care economics. His talks are engaging, well-researched, and generally rated as very good to excellent.

Prof. Vulto's key areas of expertise are (hospital) pharmacy, applied pharmacology, biological medicines and biosimilars, and clinical trials. He has many years of experience giving keynote speeches, leading panel discussions, and providing expert insight. He is known for his ability to clarify complex scientific and industry topics and their impact on medical practice and society.

If you hire us, we will work with you to tailor the message to your needs*. You can count on us to make a great and lasting impression on your audience.


Training Health Care Professionals

A persistent problem in the health care sector is that doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals receive only limited training in the assessment and use of medicines. This is made worse as the science behind pharmaceuticals develops and gets more complex, and the knowledge of health care professionals becomes outdated.

Education of health care professionals

This problem is especially prevalent in the young field of biosimilar medicines. Biosimilars have the same effectiveness and safety as their innovative reference drugs, at a fraction of the cost. It is in the interest of patients, payers, and producers that physicians know when they can safely prescribe a biosimilar. Unfortunately, many of the parties involved lack an understanding of the new drug development paradigm.

Prof. Arnold G. Vulto has taught many seminars and masterclasses to HCP audiences of varying levels of education. He can bridge the knowledge gap of your health care professionals on drug efficacy, medication safety, biosimilars, and other topics at the forefront of pharmaceutical research.

Every educational program we provide is developed to your specific requirements*. We can offer in-house or external training sessions ranging anywhere from a short presentation with Q&A to a multi-day seminar, either live on location or online as a videoconference or webinar.


Health Care Policy and Regulation

Advice on health care policy and regulation

Health care is one of the most regulated industries in the world. And for good reason: governments want to protect their citizens from bad practices, and prevent exploitation of patients by unscrupulous companies. However, the web of regulations creates its own problems. It is slow and expensive to bring a new drug to the market, and as a consequence patients suffer unnecessarily and health care costs are higher than they should be.

If you are a government agency or regulator, the challenge is to strike a balance between patient safety, cost, and enabling innovation. We can help you meet this challenge by providing you with an in-depth understanding of the science and the economics of the pharmaceutical industry. Or if you are a pharmaceutical company, we can help you understand the regulatory environment that affects you.

Prof. Arnold G. Vulto has advised regulatory agencies and related institutions in Europe, the Middle-East, and South-East Asia on pharmaceutical regulatory policy. He is considered an international key opinion leader on the topic of biosimilar medicines.


Drug Development and Launch

Advice on health care policy and regulation

The path from discovering a new drug to successfully bringing it to market is long and arduous. As a pharmaceutical company you have to perform clinical trials, convince regulators, obtain a license, educate health care professionals, and negotiate with payers. What further complicates this is that each country has a different health care system and regulatory environment.

Prof. Arnold G. Vulto has worked as an advisor to many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. He is an expert on EU drug approval policy, especially with regard to biosimilar medicines. He understands the pharmaceutical industry from various perspectives: scientific, industry, regulatory, economic, and practice. His ability to build bridges between these perspectives is a key success factor in getting a new medicine to market.

We can help you to develop a strategy to bring your drug to a new market. This will ameliorate your chance of approval, and potentially save you high costs.


Litigation and Expert Testimony

Advice on health care policy and regulation

The expiration of patents often brings about questions about market exclusivity. As an established pharmaceutical company you may find yourself defending your innovative medicine against generic or biosimilar entrants. Or you may have a new product about which you are unsure which steps you can take in the process of bringing it to market. Often these questions result in litigation.

Prof. Arnold G. Vulto may be the right person to consult in your patent litigation around expiration of market exclusivities, and if necessary to appear in court as an expert witness. He has a long career of professional experience in pharmaceuticals, and the ability to bring across key insights to non-specialised audiences. Importantly, he has a good understanding of the general state of knowledge of the “skilled professional” in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, when important innovative drugs were registered.

If you are trying to decide if litigation would be successful, we can help you clarify the scientific, professional, and social underpinnings of your case. If your case has merit, we can help you bring across those points with expert testimony in court. We invite you to contact us to see if our expertise fits the requirements of your case.


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*Prof. Arnold G. Vulto remains independent as a scientist and consultant, and his opinions are his own. We will work with you to bring across the information that is relevant and valuable to you, expressing opinions that are borne out by the facts and by science.